How to fix the problem with Android System

If the main menu appears the message, it means the box needs to update to the new apk.

the steps are the same as installing a new apk, you can go to:

Here attached again:

Great Bee fix problem with android system

Step 1: Copy this program download link(or click to download) :
and paste in your computer browser,press enter, then you will download the program to your computer.

Step 2: Connect your USB storage to the computer and copy the downloaded program into your USB storage, take out the USB from your computer and connect the USB storage to the box USB port.

Step 3: From the box go to Extra>File-browser(or appinstaller)>USB>greatbee1.5.apk>install it then you will install  the program version 1.5 into the box success.

Note ! If you see a error message "there is a problem passing the program xxx" , this is caused by the program damage,the program must be damaged during the downloading or moving process
please just repeat step 1-3,and the problem will resolved.