One Year Extra package for Greatbee box and gbee box

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If you like to add additional channels to the box 

please download the below apk into a usb or through the browser directly on to the box 

after installation please purchase this link and send us a screen shot of the apk once downloaded. 

after purchase and screenshot is sent we will send you the activation code. 

you will have an additional 1500 channels and 5000 vods 

these channels include premium channels and special sport events

extra package apk for gbee and greatbee box



after download please follow these steps: 

enter into extra----> appinstaller---> choose scan usb if you downloaded on usb if on device directly please scan the device

press on the apk you downloaded Paliptv then press install 

Please wait until you receive a message that the apk has been downloaded

once downloaded you will find the application under extra 


PALIPTV Channels 
Arabic Channels 
Israeli Channels
Kids Channels 
 Music Channels 
Christian channels 
News Channels 
Islamic channels 
Turkish channels 
USA channels 
British channels 
Italian channels 
French Channels 
Swiss channels 
German Channels 
Russian Channels 
 Poland Channels 
Kurdish Channels 
Romanian channels 
Spanish channels 
MOVIES and TV series