How to update apk

Great Bee IPTV box how to update APK

Please reset the box at first, extra-setting-reset&back up-reset to factory-erase all the data-choose erase sd card-finish.   (must be sure to erase all the date)
2.And then Install new apk. pls go to extra-setting-app store/app installer -iptv1.5 apk- install  (must be sure to install iptv1.5 apk,not app store apk)

If your app store doesn't have IPTV1.7 apk, pls download by yourself ,here are the steps:

If you have computer and USB driver, pls follow these steps :
Step 1: Pls open Google from computer,enter link ,click Enter on keyboard ,the image will appear to download.
Step 2: Pls move the downloaded apk to your USB driver, then connect the USB driver with IPTV box .
Step 3: Pls open IPTV  box,go to Extra-Filebrowser-USB driver-greatbee 514.apk-install ,then you will install  the program version 1.7 into the box success.

If you don't have USB driver , pls download the apk to IPTV box directly.
Step 1:Pls open box,and go to Extra-Google,enter link ,download to the box.
Step 2:Pls go to Extra-Filebrowser-Download, find the apk you downloaded just now.
Step 3:Pls click the IPTV1.7 APK to install 

Note ! If you see a error message "there is a problem passing the program xxx" , this is caused by the program damage,the program must be damaged during the downloading or moving process
please just repeat step 1-3,and the problem will resolved.