APK Downloads

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Greatbee apk v1.7 apk
Youtube apk 
App Store apk

Showbox apk

IPTV SMARTERS PRO that works on any box including greatbee and gbee

How to download and install apk?

Step 1: Copy this program download link(or click to download) :  and paste in your computer browser, press enter, then you will download the program to your computer.

Step 2: Connect your USB flash drive to the computer and copy the downloaded apk into your USB , and connect the USB to the box USB port.

Step 3: From the box go to Extra>File-browser(or appinstaller)>USB>greatbee1.5.apk(or other apks)>install it then you will install  the program into the box success.

IPTV1.7 Apk:
Youtube Apk:  http://tutanota.net/YouTube_4.4.11.apk
App Store Apk:http://tutanota.net/appstore.apk
Netflix: https://dl001.liqucn.com/upload/2013/shipin/com.netflix.mediaclient_6.26.1_liqucn.com.apk